Today is a Gift

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Oogway of KungFu Panda

Guaranteed! – $864.00 a day everyday for the rest of your life!

What might you be able to accomplish? A quick calculation says that equals $315K a year. How could that possibly leave you in poverty? Ah, but there is a catch, you have to return anything unused at the end of each day.

What’s special about $864? Glad you asked; $864.00 is eighty six thousand four hundred pennies. A penny has little to no value today, yet if you amass 86,400 of them daily you accumulate over $315K a year.

86,400 is the number of seconds you are given at the start of each day (24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds). How well did you spend yesterday? Did you take good advantage of your 86,400 seconds. Did you forfeit any of them? How are you doing so far today?

Yesterday is history. We cannot have those seconds again. We can however decide to be purposeful about the present.

One simple and straightforward way to be purposeful has three steps:

  • At the end of each day take inventory. Evaluate the day just completed. Did you accomplish the important items you previously identified? Were you efficient and effective? Are you moving on a good pace to reach your goals? Armed with that review, decide the 2 to 5 important tasks that you need to complete tomorrow. Write them down.
  • At the beginning of the day, take time to review Scriptures, meditate, and pray. Review your list of important tasks for the day. Verify that you are pointed in the right direction, and are moving at an acceptable pace. Note any concerns or course corrections for review during the end of day inventory.
  • During the day go to work. Complete the 2 to 5 tasks you defined for yourself.

Note – your day doesn’t have to begin at 5:00 AM, or even when you first wake. For the purposes of this program start each day at the time when you are at your prime. If you are on your best game at 1:00 PM, make that the beginning of each day (24 hour period).