I Have a Dream

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Most renowned for his “I have a dream” speech, I ask you to ponder – did he dream fruitlessly?

I offer that he did not. His dreams were not empty wishes, or idle fantasies. He defined a vision and let that definition define his life. What’s so special about dreaming? Was Martin Luther King Jr. the only person in his day that wanted equality for all men and women? If not, if others shared that wish, were they all as effective as Martin Luther King Jr.?

Why are some men’s dreams realized where others are not? Consider the argument that all men realize their dreams. Some dream of fame and fortune, but never rise above panhandling on the street corner. Some dream of prosperity and achieve great riches. In the face of that reality how can anyone argue that all men realize their dreams?

Most men and women dream wistfully (wishfully); they do not create a vision that can be transformed into reality. Their dreams are nebulous, and because of that fuzziness, they cannot be used to chart the course to their accomplishment.

A few however dream vividly, giving size, shape, color, and aroma to their dreams. That clarity allows them to weigh daily choices against their impact. A clear and steady course allows them to realize and exceed their dream. Martin Luther King Jr. would surely insist today that we have not yet arrived. He would however also recognize that his dreams were realized, and even exceeded. I wonder for example, did he dream we would have a second term black president?

I argue that we all realize our dreams. Most dreams however are fuzzy and indistinct, more wishful thinking than vision. They ultimately realize a fuzzy level of accomplishment, sometimes proud, sometimes content, sometimes ashamed and disappointed.

Dream today of a clear and defined outcome for your life.

  • Visualize that outcome.
  • In faith, touch it, taste it, smell it.
  • Chart a realistic path to its accomplishment.

The more finite that you can make your dreams, the greater the reality that you can accomplish them, and the greater heights to which you can climb. Enter in with Martin Luther King Jr. and proclaim “I have a dream!”

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