Business Diagnostics

To advance an organization needs to first know where it is.

Our SOAR (Strategy, Operations, and Results) Monitor is a business diagnostic that provides a comprehensive review helping you understand the present strengths and weaknesses of your organization, operational, strategic, and financial. This Balanced Scorecard delivers, explains, and headlines information important to you and your operations.

Our balanced scorecard will help you assess and then understand your present strengths & weaknesses.

  • You receive the Business Diagnostic Review and a 90 minute coaching session dedicated to understanding the review.
  • Working with your coach, you will identify 3-5 definite and manageable action plans to avert future problems, and extinguish the five alarm fires before they start.
“Armed with this knowledge, business owners give themselves the opportunity to put out upcoming five-alarm fires while they are still matchsticks.”

Remember the last time you had to put out a five alarm fire in your company? While your were putting it out, or shortly thereafter, do you remember thinking; “I was afraid this was going to happen”? What did that crisis cost you in time, money, customer, employee, and personal satisfaction? What would you have paid to have avoided it altogether?

At Eagles’ Wings we are purposeful to deliver value at least ten times greater than our fee. Experience has taught us that the answer to “What would you have paid to have avoided it altogether?” is consistently $5,000 or more which makes our preventive fee of $450 a steal seven days a week.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. – We guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason, or for no reason at all, you are not delighted with your final product, we will refund your $450 fee.Get Started

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