It isn’t right for out of control companies to suck the fun out of trades and professions

Tradespeople and other professionals shouldn’t have to struggle to get your business off the ground or struggle to get your life back once you are off the ground. Together we can train your company to work for you. We expect you to soar on the Wings of Eagles.

You thought that running your own business and being your own boss was going to give you the freedom you longed for. But now you are wondering whether you own a business or it owns you

Eagles Wings Business Coaching has been that someone for companies across the United States, and Internationally. Don’t wait any longer request a complimentary, no obligation, coaching session. Take a trial run today, and see if we can be that someone for you!

Whatever your business needs, Eagles Wings Business Coaching can help your company grow and help you find the freedom and rewards you seek.

Meet Joe McCullum

Joe McCullum brings a wealth of training and experience to his role as a business coach. In his thirty plus years of leadership service he has collaborated in and led over twenty companies in six states through various growing pains including; financial recoveries, system restructures, ownership changes, staff reductions, and stable, purposeful growth.

To aid these companies, he used his skill sets in accounting, computer installation, employee development, finance, forecasting, inventory control, organizational management, payroll, procedures development, strategic planning, treasury management, and troubleshooting. His customers have included Cabinet Makers, Clergy, Corporate Boards of Directors, Doctors, Handymen, Healthcare Administrators, House Maids, Landlords, Machinists, Nurses, and Real Estate Investors. Over three-fourths of his experience is with companies of less than 150 employees.

Joe came into our organization at a time when our financial infrastructure was in disarray. The breadth and depth of Joe’s experience was just what we needed. He was able to quickly evaluate our needs, help us establish priorities within the department, and work with staff at all levels of the organization to implement essential policies, procedures and internal controls. His ability to sort out complex problems was really impressive, and the work he did for us has made a real and lasting improvement in our financial infrastructure and our ability to manage operations.