Meet Joe McCullum, Eagles' Wings Business Coaching


Joe McCullum brings a wealth of training and experience to his role as a business coach. In his thirty plus years of leadership service he has collaborated in and led over twenty companies in six states through various growing pains including; financial recoveries, system restructures, ownership changes, staff reductions, and stable, purposeful growth.

To aid these companies, he used his skill sets in accounting, computer installation, employee development, finance, forecasting, inventory control, organizational management, payroll, procedures development, strategic planning, treasury management, and troubleshooting. His customers have included Cabinet Makers, Clergy, Corporate Boards of Directors, Doctors, Handymen, Healthcare Administrators, House Maids, Landlords, Machinists, Nurses, and Real Estate Investors. Over three-fourths of his experience is with companies of less than 150 employees.

Joe’s credentials include a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and he is a Certified Public Accountant. In addition, he is licensed as a Business Coach with the Professional Business Coaches Alliance.

In addition to his technical skills, Joe brings a tremendous passion to his work. His joy is in facilitating and watching the development of those interacting with him. Throughout his career, he has developed those around and reporting to him. Even when not on the clock, he gives his time to invest in others, examples have included women’s softball coach, T-Ball coach, children’s and youth (teen) leader; he purposefully seeks opportunities to assist in the growth of others.

Finally, Joe lives by his Christian ethics. He is driven to honesty and integrity. Accordingly, he is dedicated to delivering services above and beyond those expected. Joe’s commitment and promise is that you will enjoy and appreciate doing business with him and that you will be rewarded beyond that of your investment.

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