3 Pillars of Business Success


3 Pillars of Business Success - People

Your business will never be stronger or more effective than the aggregate of its people. This starts with you the owner, and expands to those you employ and those with whom you affiliate. “Getting the right people on the bus” is a term coined by Jim Collins in his 2001 best-seller “Good to Great.”

In that book and in subsequent articles and speeches Collins argues that this is the first and foremost function of great managers. Hiring right is important if not critical. It is however, only the start. If you want success, then you want successful people, but you also need to give them opportunities to succeed. The opportunities you need to provide include both Product and Process.

We work with you to identify the correct staff, and personalities, to propel your organization to success. A large part of this is working to ensure that you have the right people doing the right jobs. That is we work with you to understand and develop the skills, tools, capabilities, and engagement of your staff, and ways that you can maximize their return.


3 Pillars of Business Success  - Process

W. Edwards Deming, founder of the Institute in Washington D.C. which bears his name, also the man credited by many as the man whose support of quality management and processes provided the inspiration for Japan’s post WWII economic miracle, insists that people don’t fail. He argues that we are failed by bad processes. Deming insists that you must purposefully design, implement, revise, and manage effective and efficient processes if you are to rise to the rank of a successful business operator.

We agree with Deming, when we aren’t getting the results we want, it is insane to continue using the same processes. Just changing the process doesn’t work either as it is easy to jump from one bad process to another. Our program is to work with you to understand the outcomes that are important to the success and growth of your company, and then understand where the current processes aren’t producing these outcomes. Finally we work with you to adjust, craft, or recraft the processes to guarantee your level of excellence.



3 Pillars of Business Success - Product

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door,” or so Ralph Waldo Emerson tells us. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the truth in this statement supported by its antithesis. Too many times we’ve watched good people with good hearts, good energy, and good intentions start or go into business only to watch them fail. Some of them have fallen because of poor employees, or the lack of good employees. Some failed because their processes were faulty. But the largest cause we see of business failure is the inability to find customers to purchase a company’s products.

Rarely is this deficit of customers the result of poor or inferior products. One need only look around or see news reports to discover companies that are making significant profit while selling poor and inferior products or services. Most of the business owners we’ve watched close their doors however were actually selling good and even extraordinary products. These owners failed because they were in the wrong market, or in at the wrong time.

We work with our clients to identify the markets for their services, and tailor their products to those markets. We also work together to craft the messages that resonate within these markets, and set prices to bring satisfaction to both buyers and sellers.

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